Putin facing growing anger as Russian state TV turns on bloody Ukraine invasion

It appears that Russian president Vladimir Putin's apparent propaganda grip on his people is slipping if Russian media is anything to go by.

According to local reports, one of the biggest talk shows in the country, hosted by pro-Russia, pro-Putin Vladimir Soloviyev had two guests on a recent episode – both of whom portrayed negative views about the invasion of Ukraine.

Despite the host's attempts to cut the guests off, he failed both times.

One such guest was director Karen Shakhnazarov.

She said: “I have a hard time imagining taking cities such as Kyiv.

“I can't imagine how that would look.

“If this picture starts to transform into an absolute humanitarian disaster, even our close allies like China and India will be forced to distance themselves from us.

“This public opinion, with which they're saturating the entire world, can play out badly for us…

“Ending this operation will stabilise things within the country.”

Academic Semyon Bagdasarov was also on the show.

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He said: “Do we need to get into another Afghanistan, but even worse?

“We don't need that – enough already.”

And another show, on Russia's own ministry of defence channel Zvezda, one army officer attempted to talk about Russian deaths.

While his exact words are unknown as the show has apparently now been edited to remove the section, according to local reports, it is believed that he called out the amount of deaths Russia has suffered, which is something Putin has tried to keep quiet from his people.

Early on into the invasion of Ukraine, hacking group Anonymous claimed to have changed all Russian television channels so that they only showed Ukrainian news, with real video footage of how Russia's actions in the country were being seen around the world.

Putin has also reportedly shut down every single independent media organisation in the country, as he continues his attempts at hiding the truth from the Russian people.

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