Putin humiliated: Fearless Ukrainians force Russian military to retreat in occupied city

Ukraine: Russian truck appears to recede amid anti-war protests

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Russian military trucks were confronted by local residents in the Russian-occupied city of Kherson this afternoon. In a shocking encounter captured on video, furious Ukrainian residents – waving their national flag – forced Russian trucks to retreat before they were chased out completely. Footage shared online showed a crowd of fearless demonstrators protesting against Vladimir Putin’s invading troops with chants of “go home”. 

The encounter took place along the main Ushakova Avenue as the demonstrators marched towards three oncoming Russian army vehicles painted with the letter Z in white.

At first, the residents blocked the trucks before forcing them to reverse, turn around and drive the other way.

The open defiance against Russian forces in occupied cities is a humiliating blow to Vladimir Putin who had claimed that the Russian forces would be welcomed as liberators in Ukraine.

Kherson was one of the first major cities to fall to Russian control in the war and had been seen as a major victory for Putin.

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Dmytro Kuleba, the foreign minister of Ukraine, shared footage of the incredible encounter.

He tweeted: “Brave Ukrainians in Kherson keep protesting against Russian invaders. Peacefully and fearlessly.

“They literally forced two huge Russian trucks to retreat simply by their peaceful pressure. These people are Ukraine. Their spirit of freedom is truly unbreakable.”

One news account tracking Ukrainian resistance, Euromaidan Press, tweeted: “In Kherson, an occupied city in southern Ukraine, a Russian army truck retreated in the face of protests by locals. The locals keep taking to the streets every day despite Russia’s arrests of activists in occupied southern areas of Ukraine.”

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Protests against Russian occupiers also broke out in other cities today.

In Berdyansk, locals reported on social media that Russian forces brutally cracked down on an anti-occupation rally in the town.

Video footage showed Russian forces “laying the activists on the ground, smashing and confiscating their phones during the rally”.


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Many protesters were subsequently detained while shots in the air were also heard.

Elsewhere, protesters in the Russian-occupied city of Enerhodar forced the Russian troops to set a detained protester “free after the crowd was going to turn over their vehicle”.

The protest in Enerhodar erupted after Russian troops allegedly abducted the city’s First Deputy Mayor of Enerhodar, Ivan Samoidiuk.

A Ukrainian politician in the city posted on Telegram that the abduction took place after “the occupiers were unable to make the city authorities cooperate”.

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