Putin orders soldiers’ mums who oppose his war to be gagged in desperate move

Vladimir Putin has ordered soldiers' mums who oppose the war to be gagged in a desperate move to silence Russian mothers and wives speaking out.

The draconian new law, which will come into effect on Thursday, could see the rounding up and arrest of distraught women opposing the war and the dire conditions faced by their husbands and sons on the frontline.

Only one out of the 17 mothers who he met in a much-vaunted televised chat at his official residence near Moscow, had sons conscripted into his war.

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The rest of the women were loyalists to his cause.

The women were carefully vetted so that none would voice criticisms of the war to the dictator, who told them he shared the pain of those who had lost sons, it is claimed.

Yet he has also faced a barrage of criticism from women – barred from the meeting with mothers – who claim he has ignored them and their complaints at the way their sons and husbands are being used as cannon fodder in his war.

Especially vocal has been a new Council of Mothers and Wives which is highlighting the appalling conditions under which conscripted men are fighting, with little training, poor uniforms, useless weapons and absent commanders.

New laws blocking criticisms – demanded by Putin’s FSB security service – will enter force on December 1, applying to mothers and others seeking to highlight the catastrophic human tragedy of Putin’s war.

The council warned: “Any crimes such as theft, negligence, leaving the…soldiers to their fate…can go unpunished and hidden from the people due to the fact that now it is simply forbidden by law to [discuss] them.”

The group demanded abolition of the new FSB laws and their use to persecute activists and journalists.

They call for proper investigations of men being sent to war. “without proper preparation… weapons, food, and uniforms”.

And they demand Putin uses his regular “well trained” forces rather than “teachers, engineers and workers called up for mobilisation".

They go on to demand “an end to political repression against human rights activists and civil activists who expose lies and corruption in the upper echelons of the Russian government system”.

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The catch all laws prevent any talk or complaints on virtually anything to do with military deployments or the state of the troops, including the mobilised forces, under threat of arrest and jail.

Putin critic Leonid Nevzlin said, alluding to alleged health problems: "Putin looks cynical and weak at the same time, and cannot sit through the entire live broadcast.”

"The women were handpicked.

" Russia has ceased to be a real country. It is a country of fakes, propaganda and lies,” he said.


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