Putin propagandist Simonyan blames sitcom Friends for decline of West

Russian host blames TV show 'Friends' for decline in the West

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The Russian TV host has found a new target for Moscow’s anger in the form of the popular comedy show Friends. Simonyan, known for her pro-Putin tirades, had a swipe at the US sitcom, which stars among others the actress Jennifer Aniston, for causing the West to descend into a “boiling ultra-liberal borscht.”

Simonyan said: “What is this fight all about? This war is for our right to have our children be like us and not like them.

“It is a gulf between us and our children and them and their children—a mental, cultural gulf.”

She continues: “Thirty years ago, when I myself studied in the States, it seemed we are so similar. And we really were alike,” the RT editor-in-chief continued.

“It was just beginning then—the very first gurgles of now already boiling ultra-liberal borscht—they were small then, it was hard to notice them.

“You had to have very good eyesight to notice it in the 1994 TV series Friends, for example, which is probably the most popular American TV series of all time, such a personification of American culture.”

Simonyan then turned to a specific Friends episode in which Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) faces his wife leaving him for another woman. 

She explained: “[H]is wife left, left for a woman, discovering after several years of marriage that she was a lesbian. And all this is shown so sympathetically: she seems to be right but he is not quite right. This is 1994.

“It was also impossible to notice frenzied propaganda in this, because it was so rare, so fresh, so interesting. And now we have what we have. And we will not jump over this [gulf].”

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“We’ll either save ourselves—the way we have to do it now, or we’ll be there,” she added.

Simonyan also delivered a long monologue praising the positive aspect of living through war versus living under Western “ultra-liberalism.”

She said: “War has goals. Along with tragedies, pain and other understandable things, war has pride, the happiness of victory, and certain personal growth. 

“There are changes in personality that lead to deeper self-awareness as a part of your nation, as a part of certain values and ideals.


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“What does that ultra-liberal fascist trash have? I don’t know,” she added.

“It spreads as an uncontrollable tumour, against which the chemotherapy is ineffective.

“If you allow it anywhere near your borders before you know it, you’ll be living in a country that is dictating that you must live a certain way.

“With our mentality, to live this way is unbearable.”

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