Putin ‘was turned into ruthless psychopathic tyrant by absolute power in Russia’

Vladimir Putin is a "ruthless tyrant" and has been turned into a psychopath by the "unconstrained power" he holds in Russia, a top clinical psychologist has said.

Professor Ian Robertson, the Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Dublin's Institute of Neuroscience, told the Daily Star that the 20-year stint at the top of Russian politics has changed Putin.

"President Putin is a ruthless tyrant whose brain and personality have been distorted by unconstrained power," Professor Robertson said.

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He added that Putin, 70, "was probably not a ‘psychopath’ before he gained such power."

Professor Robertson, who has also worked at Cambridge University, said that the usual 'psychopathic traits' of antisocial behaviour and egotism "don’t really have meaning when applied to dictators and very powerful people".

"The whole concept of ‘antisocial’ doesn’t really have meaning when applied to them. Most dictators are changed by power so that they do things in ways which would be termed ‘psychopathic’ in ordinary people," he explained.

It comes after Ukrainian MP Volodymyr Ariev discussed with The Express what could be going on in Putin's head during the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian MP branded the Russian dictator's mental state as "psychopathic."

Mr Ariev told Express.co.uk exclusively: "I'm not his medical doctor, so I would rather say that people with a normal mind couldn't start such a campaign as he did."

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He added: "So I don't think that this is a mental change or a mental disease.

"This is a person who has a lot of money and a lot of power in state.

"He is fed up with meeting with world leaders on different levels, he would like to get something more."

Mr Ariev added: "He is a person who has been ruling a state for more than 22 years already.

"He would like to start a big campaign, of course! But compared to a normal mind this is a mental disease."

He added: "It's something psychopathic, but a specialist will make a real diagnosis.

"I have no clue about psychiatric diseases."

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