Putin’s mobilisation ‘likely far larger’ than 300,000 Russians, says Ukraine

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Vladimir Putin's mobilisation "will most likely be far larger" than 300,000 reservists, according to a Ukrainian military chief.

Thousands of Russians have fled the country after the tyrant leader announced the partial mobilisation in a monumental speech last week.

There have also been reports of people either unfit or above the conscription age being drafted in, with Putin himself admitting to such "mistakes" yesterday (September 29).

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Images have already shown ill-equipped conscripts on their way to the frontline.

According to Oleksiy Hromov, deputy chief of main operations for the Ukrainian Army's General Staff, Russia has already conscripted 100,000 people since the announcement on September 21.

Hromov said that the 300,000 figure is unlikely to be the actual amount Putin sends – with the real number being higher.

He said yesterday: “We understand that the announced figure of 300,000 is not final. The number of mobilised conscripts will most likely be far larger.”

Putin said that only Russian citizens in the reserves or with previous military experience would be included in the mobilisation.

However, a source told independent investigative media outlet Novaya Gazeta Europe that a secret seventh article in the partial mobilisation presidential decree will allow him to call up a total of one million.

The Kremlin has since denied these claims.

Even typically pro-Putin voices in Russia have been critical of the draft.

State TV host Vladimir Solovyov asked this week: "We all read that the first wave would consist of privates, sergeants and warrant officers up to the age of 35. But do I need to show you how many call-up papers are being distributed to 45 or 43-year-old privates?"

He went on to claim he'd been told a 62-year-old man had been drafted.

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"There are cases when the decree has been violated," Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said on Monday (September 26).

"In some regions, governors are actively working to correct the situation.

"These cases of noncompliance with the required criteria are being eliminated, and we hope that the rate of elimination will increase and all errors will be corrected."


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