Putin’s rapid descent from strongman to ‘feeble cancer victim’ exposed in photos

Bonkers Vladimir Putin has worked hard to maintain a masculine, hardman appearance – but pictures have exposed his steady decline from athletic KGB agent to a feeble nutter who struggles to hold his arm out.

After the dictator seized the job of Russian President in 2000, he has carefully controlled his public image with a series of shots showing him in a range of physical activities, from winning judo tournaments to riding horses topless.

But Putin’s macho looks have slowly evaporated from him over the past three years and his slim face has now been replaced by a bloated look.

The physical power associated with the Russian leader has also vanished recently, with clips showing him resting his arms on a table and shaking as he speaks.

It has led to suggestions that Putin himself is aware of his deteriorating health and that this is one of the reasons for his brutal invasion of Ukraine.

Hundreds of photos have been released by the Kremlin in attempts to build up an unbreakable image of their President.

A famous image shows Putin confidently sitting upright on a horse without a t-shirt on, whilst others show him at his gym taking part in judo demonstrations at his home in Sochi.

But a long divorce with his first wife Lyudmila could have sparked the tyrant’s descent into health procedures and triggered his self-consciousness.

Cosmetic surgeon Stephen Mulholland told the National Post in 2017 that it appeared Putin had received injectable skin fillers, Botox and laser skin resurfacing.

Canadian medic Philip Solomon added: "I would speculate that he’s had filler and Botox done, and this is evident by smoothness around his forehead and the crow’s feet around his eyes and volume along the cheeks."

Such cosmetic treatments would require Putin to return under the surgeon’s knife around two times every year to maintain the look.

Recently, pictures have exposed the 69-year-old’s puffy and filled out face.

Its round appearance is in contrast to a younger Putin, and critics have noticed the speedy deterioration by comparing photos from 2020, where the despot still had elements of his usual facial demeanor.

The erratic dictator has come under greater scrutiny since he triggered war in eastern Europe and sparked concerns of World War Three with his bloody invasion of Ukraine.

Videos released since then have shown Putin looking “astonishing weakened" and gripping a table for support during a meeting on April 21 with his defence minister Sergei Shoigu.

Another clip shows the unsteady tyrant’s hand shaking when meeting fellow brute Belarusian dictator Lukashenko.

Putin was even seen giving up his masculine image in favour of donning a blanket over his legs, whilst no other Russian officials saw it necessary in the 9C Moscow weather.

Reports have claimed Putin is suffering from serious health conditions including blood cancer and Parkinson’s Disease.

In a leaked recording, one of Russia's top oligarchs admitted Putin is “very ill with blood cancer”.

Although no details have been given as to which oligarch – believed to be a Western businessman – have been revealed, the person could also be heard calling Putin “crazy” over his invasion Ukraine.

Whilst Kremlin sources also admitted their boss is severely ill and suffering from "Parkinson's disease and schizoaffective disorder”.

The Daily Star also revealed that Putin’s deteriorating health could have gone so far he is actually dead and has been replaced by a double.

A senior MI6 bosses said if the Russian president died his cronies would hush it up to keep power for as long as possible.

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They explained Putin’s recent media appearances had very probably been pre-recorded and that a body double may also have been used at public events, like the Moscow Victory Day Parade earlier this month.

It is thought that despite his flailing health, Putin will never resign from his position.

There has only been one modern Russian ruler in charge for longer period than Putin – and that is fellow brutal dictator Stalin, who died in office.

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