Putin’s troops use ‘barely useable’ Cold War rifles in ‘death by freezing’ plan

Russian despot Vladimir Putin has been accused of a terrible "death by freezing" plan that sees his troops armed with "barely usable" rifles.

Experts have claimed that the Russian warmonger is set to "freeze millions" of Ukrainian civilians to death in a disturbing plan that will hit this year as a weaponization of winter.

Describing it as an "ominous new stage" in the war in Ukraine, one expert alleged that the deprived plans would see Ukrainian's lose the heat of their homes under Putin's winter war planning.

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The Kremlin's "weaponization of winter" was described as a "repeat of genocide" utilised by Soviet authorities in the 1930s.

Political scientists Dennis Soltys and Alexander Motyl wrote: "The prospect of a humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine now demands the kind of tough and urgent response from the international community that has often been lacking.

"Russia's invasion is now entering an ominous new stage. Moscow’s decision to deprive Ukraine's civilian population of heating and other essential services during the winter season places tens of millions of lives in jeopardy."

They added that Putin was wanting to "raise the stakes" and is "directly threatening the entire Ukrainian civilian population".

It would appear Putin's barbaric plans are set to damage his own troops too, with Russian troops said to be "poorly equipped" for their war in Ukraine, Sky News reported.

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A statement from the UK's Ministry of Defence read: "In September, Russian officers were concerned that some recently mobilised reservists were arriving in Ukraine without weapons.

"Open source images suggest that those rifles which have been issued to mobilised reservists are typically AKMs, a weapon first introduced in 1959. Many are likely in barely usable condition following poor storage.

"AKM fires 7.62mm ammunition while Russia’s regular combat units are mostly armed with 5.45mm AK-74M or AK-12 rifles."

The statement added that the lacklustre weaponry would most likely "complicate Russia's already strained logistics systems."

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