Raging woman who had plane seat meltdown booted off flight as passengers cheer

A would-be traveller was ejected from a plane after she went on a sweary rant in the middle of the cabin.

According to social media, the woman ended up in a tiff with staff and fellow passengers "because she wanted to sit by the window" on a Jetstar flight from Phuket, Thailand, to Sydney, Australia at the weekend.

Clips shared online show two very different sides of the woman, who was encouraged to leave the plane after the ordeal.

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In the first clip, she was filmed excitedly saying "what’s happening habibi" to a camera – but a second video shows her darker side coming out as she shouted "I'm out, I'm out" while trying to leave her seat.

"Thanks a f***ing lot," she added, clambering into the aisle and taking her luggage out of the overhead bin.

Passengers were seen erupting into applause as she began making her way off the plane, before turning around and menacingly asking an unsuspecting fellow traveller: “What did you call me?”

A pair of fliers then stood up and began shooing the woman away and waving her goodbye, prompting her to turn to a flight attendant and ask "am I supposed to ignore it?", to which the staff member responded with a simple nod.

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The rowdy passenger then hung around by the exit for a period of time, speaking loudly, before leaving the aircraft once and for all.

The airline has since confirmed a woman was removed from the flight for being "disruptive and using abusive and inappropriate language".

Jetstar condemned the passenger's behaviour and stated antics like that on flights "would not be tolerated".

"An unruly passenger was escorted off our flight prior to take off in Phuket after becoming disruptive and using abusive and inappropriate language towards other customers and our team members," a spokesperson told news.com.au.

"Airport security in Phuket was called and the passenger was escorted off the flight. We take safety and security very seriously and this type of behaviour will not be tolerated on our aircraft."

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