Regular sex boosts your health as much as giving up booze and cigs, say doctors

Regular nookie sessions are as important for your health as ­quitting smoking or cutting down on booze, doctors say.

New research found bonking twice a week lowers the risk of heart attacks.

Geoffrey Hackett, a professor of men’s health at Birmingham’s Aston University, said: “We estimate that 20 minutes of sexual activity in a man is the equivalent of walking a mile, and that’s a reasonable amount of physical effort if you do it often enough.

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“I’d suggest men and women aim for some kind of sexual activity twice a week," he added.

Professor Hackett went on to say that that doctors should be talking more about sexual activity with patients, as prescribing it could help save lives.

Professor Hackett says: “Sexual activity is something we rarely discuss, yet knowing if a man has regular erections tells me an awful lot about his health.”

A University College London study also found women engaging in sexual ­activity at least once a month had a later menopause than those who didn’t.

And that in itself could be a good thing, according to award-winning scientist Dr Jennifer Garrison, who leads the Buck Institute for Research on Ageing.

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Earlier this month she told the Life Itself conference in San Diego, California, that women who begin the menopause in their 40s tend to age faster than women whose menopause doesn’t start until their early fifties.

Kaye Wellings, a professor of sexual and reproductive health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, says having sex twice a week is for most people the key to good overall health.

“Granted, improving your health is not usually at the top of your mind when you're thinking about sex,” she said, “but immunity, cardiovascular health and depression are just some of the areas where studies suggest that sexual activity might have a benefit”.

And study published last year in the medical journal Fertility and Sterility showed that people who enjoyed sexual activity at least three times a month were likely to suffer milder cases of Covid-19.


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