Russia loses vital military equipment as a weapons warehouse bursts into mysterious blaze

Russia: Black smoke fills sky in Klintsy

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Footage released on Telegram, an instant messaging service popular in Ukraine and Russia, has shown a Russian warehouse located 50km away from the Ukrainian border engulfed in flames. Huge plumes of black smoke are seen billowing from the site in Klintsy, Bryansk Oblast, Russia in mysterious circumstances. The Russian military warehouse is believed to house scores of vital equipment for the conflict in Ukraine. 

The footage depicts two major fires at the warehouse, both parallel to each other. 

The smoke is first seen rising above a canopy before a closer shot shows the warehouse ablaze on two fronts. 

The site appears abandoned as Russia’s battle-damaged repairs succumb to the scalding fires. 

As Russia continues its ferocious battle in the eastern regions of Ukraine, equipment shortages could have a devastating effect on their offensive operations. 

Elsewhere, a huge cloud of smoke could be seen rising into the air today in the southeastern Ukrainian city of Avdiivka after an explosion. 

The city houses a chemical plant, the Russian news agency RIA quoted one of its reporters as saying. 

Avdiivka has become yet another Ukrainian city set ablaze after Russian attacks. 

A Ukrainian social media site reporting on the war also posted a video of a large cloud of smoke rising from what it said was the city. 

And Russian shelling of the Azot chemical plant in the embattled Ukraine city of Severodonetsk caused a powerful fire to break out after a leak of tonnes of radiator oil, Luhansk governor Serhiy Gaidai has said. 

Speaking on national television, Mr Gaidai did not say if the fire at the plant, where hundreds of civilians are sheltering, had been extinguished. 

Gaidai added that non-stop fighting was underway in Severodonetsk. 

The small city in Luhansk province has become the focus of Russia’s advance in eastern Ukraine.

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Mr Gadai said: “Unfortunately, the enemy’s artillery is simply taking apart, floor by floor, buildings that are being used as shelters.” 

The city, which lies on the eastern bank of the Seversky Donets River, has been under relentless attack for several weeks. 

And Mr Gadai said that falling water levels were making Ukrainian defences further along the front more vulnerable to attack by Russian forces who have made repeated attempts to cross. 

He added: “The river has dropped by about 3 metres, maybe more, and therefore maybe there will be further attempts to cross the river and make a new enclave.” 

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