Russian child training camp where girl is taught to kill ‘Nazi’ with rifle

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Exiled Russian multi-millionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky posted shocking photos earlier this week that showed a young girl being trained to shoot “fascists” with a rifle.

The pictures, apparently taken in the south Russian city of Kislovodsk, were originally sourced from a Telegram account belonging to the Mayor of Kislovodsk Yevgeny Moiseev.

The girl was being encouraged to shoot at a crude effigy wearing jeans, combat jacket and a mocked-up Nazi armband.

Moiseev wrote: “In Kislovodsk, they carried out an operation to shoot the last fascist – on the gates of one of the private households they hung an effigy of the fascist invader and occupier, who was shot with an air rifle."

Long before he launched his invasion of Ukraine, Russia ’s leader Vladimir Putin had described Ukrainians as “fascists”.

He has repeatedly claimed that “anti-Semitic forces” run Ukraine and that “fascists” orchestrated street protests in 2013 and 2014 that opposed closer economic ties with Russia..

The Nazi occupation of the Soviet Union is still a very controversial subject in Russia and Ukraine.

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There’s no doubt that some Ukrainian nationalists collaborated with Hitler's forces during the 1940s. As many as 2 million Jews are thought to have been killed in Ukrainian territory during the Holocaust.

Today, hard-right politics are a minor force in Ukrainian politics and anti-semitism is less of an issue than it is in neighbouring territories.

President Zelenskyy is himself a Jew, but that hasn’t stopped Putin calling him and his government “Nazis” and launching an invasion of Ukraine that is aimed at “de-Nazifying” the former Soviet country.

Seen with that background, Moiseev’s photographs make for disturbing viewing. Moiseev has since deleted his Telegram post, after dozens of locals replied, saying it was in very poor taste.

Lola Joaquin, commenting on Twitter, said “this is so sick,” and another commenter replied “This could be a modern adaptation of a scene from Dostoevsky; clearly psychological child abuse. A society that can permit this is not well.”

Another added that Putin had brainwashed many Russians with his “twisted view of reality”.

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