Russian firm offers creepy buried alive experience for £50k in ‘psychic’ therapy

A Russian company is offering the chance for customers to be buried alive for around £50k, in a therapy to deal with anxiety that will also help users discover "psychic abilities".

The "full immersion” funeral, held in St. Petersburg, sees customers buried alive for up to an hour, whilst the company also offers an online version for just £13,000 where "appropriate music, candles and writing a will" are employed.

The company, called Prekated Academy, was founded by Yakaterina Preobrazhenskaya, who said clients will also be helped to manage their “fears and anxieties” after the funeral package.

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The life coach described the experience as a “true symbol of fighting for yourself and your own happy future”.

The £13,000 online package is a “stress therapy for fears and anxieties," but to get get your money's worth opt for the “full immersion” package, which includes a religious ceremony.

Additionally, a “mandatory revival with an all-around revived awareness of their mission” that is supposed to renew a person’s “desire to live” is included.

In an Instagram post, Preobrazhenskaya explained that it is safe to be buried alive, claiming: “We do not intend to expose our clients to undue risk.

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"Scientists have calculated that the buried person will have enough air in the coffin for about 5.5 hours.”

Preobrazhenskaya said she has had plenty of interest and can't accommodate everyone who wants to try her service.

“We can offer a person different options, he will choose what he wants. We can even stage a testament so that he can let go of past traumatic experiences and create a new, cool, interesting life," she said.

Reports suggest the burial is between 20 and 60 minutes, and the coffin is given to the customer after the event.


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