Russian forces in Ukraine moan of ‘hunger and cold’ in mutiny against Putin war

Russian soldiers sent to fight in Ukraine have mutinied on camera over appalling provisions during the invasion.

Conscripted troops from the 113th rifle regiment of the so-called Donetsk People's Republic, have uploaded a video to Telegram complaining of equipment, medicine and food.

The group's commander begged the question why they are being sent to die but acknowledged their complaints will most likely be dismissed as 'sabotage'.

He added that within the regiment are men with chronic medical conditions who should never have been conscripted into action which they are now in the thick of.

The spokesman for the group said on camera: "The higher command interpret our complaints as sabotage but what is there to be gained from sending your soldiers to die?"

According to the footage, the unit has been stationed near the occupied city of Kherson which is a few hundred miles from the bloody fighting in Donbas.

The commander continued: "Our company, consisting of the 5th Infantry Battalion of the 113th Infantry Regiment, was on the frontlines in the Kherson region of Ukraine.

"For that time the personnel overcame cold and hunger and for a considerable period we did so without material support, medical supplies or food.

"The mobilisation of our unit took place without any medical examinations, and there are those among our unit who in accordance with the laws of the Donetsk People's Republic should not be mobilised."

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He added: "There are members of our personnel who suffer from chronic diseases and others who are guardians of people with mental illnesses.

"For those who are fathers to children and taking into account the duration of our continues presence on the frontlines, many questions arise that are ignored by command."

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One of two Russians tried as war criminals has said he wanted the conflict in Ukraine to end and that the invasion by Vladimir Putin had been a "failure".

Alexander Bobykin, 26, reportedly said: “I want to change to the Ukraine military. Putin should stop the war now. It is a mistake. The war is a failure. I’m satisfied with my conditions in prison. My family know I am here. I have changed my mind about what I did. My verdict is true.”

Asked if Putin had been a failure he replied: “Yes.”

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