Russian officer shoots own ‘coward’ troops as army morale nears collapse

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Morale in the Russian army is so close to collapsing that generals have been forced to shoot at their own troops to make them fight, an officer has admitted.

The soldier said in an intercepted call to his wife that his comrades were in a state of “panic” and wanted the brutal war “to end”.

Bonkers Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has dragged on for a bloody two months and shows no sign of coming to an end, despite his army’s heavy losses.

His military has lost over 20,000 soldiers and taken significant damage to equipment, estimates say.

Despite the unexpected setbacks, the Kremlin’s push has continued and it has ordered its forces into a new offensive in eastern Ukraine with the aim of capturing the whole Donbas region.

But it is not looking good for Putin, who now has to deal with rock bottom morale from his army and soldiers refusing to pick up arms.

A telephone call recently intercepted revealed the grim reality for Russian soldiers on the front line.

The officer said: "My soldiers don’t want to fight. I even shoot them – but it's no use."

He slammed the newest recruits sent by Russian officials to reinforce their military and accused them of being “cowards”.

Last month, a desperate decree from the Kremlin ordered a whopping 134,500 new conscripts into the army.

But the commander, who had received around 60 new men, moaned: "Loads of them are cowards, alarmists. The problems are with them.

Officers are in panic, they want it all to end. It's been going on every day for one-and-a-half months.

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"Everyone's just sick of it all. I want to go home, hug my wife and children."

Despite Putin’s relentless threats to the West, leaders have continued to support Ukraine and it was recently announced that the US had approved an eye-watering $33 billion bill of further military aid for the country.

Over $20 billion of this will go towards weapons and ammunition whilst $8.5 billion is needed for direct economic assistance to the government, alongside $3 billion in humanitarian aid.

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