Russian troops ‘can last just three days’ as food and ammunition run out

When Russia began its invasion into Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin apparently predicted that it would take the country in just 72 hours.

But nearly a month later, and Ukraine still stands.

However, it now emerges that Russian troops only have three days worth of food and ammo left – and resupplying and refuelling would not be a simple task in the war-torn landscape.

The claim comes from Anton Gerashchenko – an adviser and former deputy minister at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

He said: “The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that due to huge problems with the supply of Russian troops, the enemy’s stocks of ammunition and food are coming to an end.

"According to the General Staff, they are left with supplies for no more than for three days of fighting.”

The Ukrainian MP also claimed that the Russian bombardment into Mariupol is being led by feared general Mikhail Mizintsev the head of the National Centre for Defence Management of the Russian Federation – which cold explain why the attack on the city hasn't stopped, despite around 85% of it being levelled in just a few weeks.

Mr Geraschenko also said via his own Telegram channel: “Due to the unwillingness of the reservists to return to the (Russian) army and the massive refusal to sign contracts, the Russian prosecutor's office is purposefully looking for people who have problems with paying loans, paying alimony, and other debts.

“The number of these people is increasing, given the consequences for the Russian economy and sanctions.

“Accordingly, debtors are offered exemption from all credit obligations in case of signing a contract with the Russian army.

“In particular, such proposals began to spread on the territory of Tatarstan, in Pyatigorsk, Rostov-on-Don, and the North Caucasus.

“The 'recruitment' of people who have problems with the law also continues.

“Criminals are offered a full amnesty in exchange for participation in fighting in Ukraine.”

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