Russian troops ordered to run in front of enemy to help spot Ukraine positions

Ukraine: John Sweeney says Russian troops are begging for food

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Some conscripts in the Donbas region were ordered to draw enemy fire onto themselves so that other units could identify Ukrainian positions and bomb them, a military source told Reuters. Another source, a student who was conscripted to fight for the Russian army in February 2022, said he was forced to drink water in a stagnant pond filled with dead frogs as a result of the Russian army’s lack of supplies. He also claimed that he had no military training.

He said: “We were taught nothing.

“Up to that point I had only seen mortars in movies.

“Obviously, I didn’t know how to do anything with them.”

In late March, there were numerous reports of Putin’s war effort being hampered by a lack of supplies and “logistical problems”.

The UK’s Ministry of Defence said on March 17: “Logistical problems continue to beset Russia’s faltering invasion of Ukraine.

“Reluctance to manoeuvre cross-country, lack of control of the air and limited bridging capabilities are preventing Russia from effectively resupplying their forward troops with even basic essentials such as food and fuel.

“Incessant Ukrainian counterattacks are forcing Russia to divert large number of troops to defend their own supply lines.

“This is severely limiting Russia’s offensive potential.”

Around the same time, a senior US defence official said noted signs of “flagging” morale among Russian forces.

Speaking to Reuters, a third source agreed that a lack of supplies was a major issue, saying: “Supplies for the soldiers right now are a disaster.”

Russia has denied that it is deploying conscripts in Ukraine but it has acknowledged that some troops were mistakenly sent to fight.

Just last week, Putin ordered 134,500 more conscripts to join his army but has denied this is related to the war in Ukraine.

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In late February, the Donetsk separatist authorities announced all fighting age men would be drafted for immediate deployment.

The latest revelations from Russian soldiers come as Putin’s operation in Ukraine appears to have descended into chaos.

According to NATO’s assessment, between 7,000 and 15,000 Russian soldiers are thought to have been killed in the fighting so far.

However, Ukraine has claimed that the figure could be as high as 18,300.

Up to 647 tanks have been destroyed, as well as 1,844 armoured combat vehicles and 330 artillery systems.

Between 2,000 and 4,000 Ukrainian soldiers are believed to have been killed so far, according to US estimates.

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