Sanders still has ways to go in achieving ‘revolution’ after Super Tuesday, survey shows

Sen. Bernie Sanders has promised to build a coalition broad enough to bring nothing less than a political revolution. Elections across the country on Super Tuesday showed where he’s falling short.

For all his early success in the Democratic primary, including his California victory on Tuesday, Sanders is struggling to expand his support beyond his core base.

AP VoteCast surveys show he’s failing to bring in African Americans, women, suburbanites, older and college-educated voters in numbers he’d need to secure the nomination. And for all his plans to draw new Democrats to the polls, there were few signs Tuesday that his movement is behind increases in turnout.

“It is not easy,” Sanders said Wednesday, as he acknowledged he wasn’t drawing enough of his core coalition voters — young people, Latinos, liberals — to the polls. “What we are trying to do is unprecedented. We are talking about a political revolution.”

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