Screaming woman watched on helpless as huge Black Mamba snake ate pet kittens

A woman screamed after spotting a “big black snake” as the beast was feasting on pet kittens.

The massive black mamba was captured in the Greater Durban area, South Africa by Nick Evans.

Evans, who owns a snake removal service, says he knew the beat was a black mamba even before his friend went to scope out the situation.

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The serpent native to southern Africa is highly venomous, and deadly when left untreated.

Terrified residents fled the area, and the snake vanished but Evans knew it would be back because the scent of the kittens it devoured was lingering in the area.

The next day he headed back to the area to catch the fiend, as reported by Newsweek.

In a post on Facebook, Evans said: “Unfortunately for me, it was in a massive woodpile, with a few bushes around it. Next to it was a shed full to the roof of things. And it was the hottest time of the day”.

When he moved the pile he caught a glimpse of the “huge” mamba.

"It was massive! Its body was so thick it barely fitted in there. It was impossible to get tongs on it," Evans added.

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But once the creature laid eyes on him it knew it was in trouble so the snake began to wrap its tail around the wood.

The “beast of a mamba” measures nearly 9 feet long and weighed more than six pounds – they can grow to about 14 feet.

It is not uncommon for black mambas to be attracted to an area if there are cats around, kttens are one of the species' favourite foods as they make an “easy, filling meal”.

Evans urges people to call a professional rather than try to get rid of the dangerous snakes themselves.

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"The residents had killed a mamba a few weeks ago, beating it to death with sticks. They were terrified and didn't know what else to do, I don't resent them for that at all.

“I explained to them that they were extremely lucky not to have been bitten because that's exactly how bites happen.

“A mamba has no desire to bite a human, but beating it with a stick changes things. I told them how this one was constantly trying to get away from me," Evans said on Facebook.

Once Evans catches a snake, he releases it back into its natural habitat, away from people.


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