Sexy scientist stuns fans by letting poisonous toad crawl on her chest

The world's hottest geoscientist has left her fans shocked after letting a poisonous toad crawl across her chest in an Instagram post.

Rosie Moore, a geoscientist and Instagram influencer, took to her account and shared the deadly toad with her 63.4k followers, letting 'Meatloaf the toad' crawl around her chest.

A handful of commenters were left shocked at the decision to handle the deadly toad so intimately, although the massive toad Meatloaf appears relatively relaxed as Rosie pats it on the back.

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The "particularly dangerous" toad was shown off on her recent Instagram post, with one person referring to the seemingly lucky amphibian as a "prince".

Explaining the toad to her Instagram followers, Rosie said: "A poisonous amphibian that, when provoked, can produce a milky white toxin on its back.

"This substance is particularly dangerous to house pets and can leave them distressed or dead in minutes. Cane toads are an invasive species in Florida and are frequently confused with our native southern toads.

"If you see a large toad and are worried it may harm your pet, look for the ridges on the head!

"Cane toads do not have ridges on their heads like southern toads."

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Allowing the amphibian to crawl around her in a video uploaded yesterday, the fearless geoscientist had the poisonous toad up close to her face.

She added that "this toad is named Meatloaf" while some of her followers noted that the amphibian was lucky to get up close to the expert.

One user commented: "You must be the most interesting woman in the world."

Another added: "Looks like a prince to me."

A third user believed it to be a toad and asked whether Rosie had tried "kissing it", to which the expert geoscientist revealed she had tried "twice".

The animal, which was described by one commenter as "the size of those musical toads from Prisoner of Azkaban" appears to be well-loved by Rosie and fellow Instagram wildlife expert and frog owner, Snake Princess.

Describing the absolute unit of a toad as "literally the best", it appears that the "odd but cool pet" as Rosie described it, has found plenty of love from Instagram users.

Rosie did note however that she "always" washes her hands "after touching them and never touch my eyes right after just in case it causes irritation."

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