‘Shameless’ wife of Putin frontman blasted for glam holiday pics in NATO country

Furious Russians have blasted the wife of Vladimir Putin’s mouthpiece for sharing glamorous snaps of her on holiday in a NATO country.

Former Olympic skater Tatiana Navka, 47, who was born in Soviet Ukraine has been criticised for fraternising "with the enemy" in Turkey at the height of the war in Ukraine.

Navka is married to Dmitry Peskov, 54, who is employed as Putin’s hawkish spokesman and deputy chief of his Kremlin administration.

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Despite her husband overseeing Russia's ban of "extremist" Instagram, the former Maxim model posted pictures of herself in the ancient city of Ephesus.

She said: “Ephesus is stunning even after twenty seven centuries. Incredible beauty against the backdrop of amazing nature.”

She was also seen in a see-through beach dress but Russian users lambasted her.

And the Kremlin wife posed in a vanity display for her 1.2 million followers asking: “Athena? Artemis? Aphrodite? What do you think, which appearance suits me more?"

One commenter complained: “At the moment of the special operation you are travelling to the country that provides military support to its enemy. What’s wrong with you?!”

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Another demanded: “Can you stop showing off in foreign resorts wearing your couture dresses. It’s not the right time for this!!!

“The country is fighting, men are dying for values you’ve publicly voiced. Have some shame! And even for a little time remember you have modesty.”

A critic highlighted Russia’s latest attack: "Kharkiv is on fire again, with 17 wounded, seven dead in the latest dormitory attack.

“Yet you are here showing yourself off, loving yourself. No shame at all, you are all murderers. How can you be posting these pictures…. The deaths and sufferings of dozens of people are on your hands, and you are pretending not to know it!”

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One more comment said simply: “Meanwhile our poor innocent children are dying.”

It is unclear if Peskov is with her in Turkey, where he was once a diplomat. If so he was not seen on camera.

Most Russians are unable to fly abroad due to sanctions, visa curbs, and flight restrictions on Russian airlines.

Another hostile comment told Navka: “So where is your patriotism? Don’t you want to deliver humanitarian aid to Luhansk?

“Or perform before the wounded servicemen? Can you not be more modest and more humane? So disappointed in your family.”

It is not the first backlash against Navka during the war. Earlier she was criticised after posing with an assault rifle – a model used by NATO armies – for her 1.3 million Instagram followers.

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A Ukrainian commenter said: “Strange, apparently, you don't have enough brain not to publish such a post during a war your country [Russia] is running.”

Navka was told she was lucky not to be on vacation in annexed Crimea where people “are fleeing like mad” due to Ukrainian reprisal attacks.

The former ice dancer is said to be close to both Putin’s “lover” Alina Kabaeva, 39, an Olympic rhythmic gymnastics champion, and the head of RT “propaganda” network Margarita Simonyan.


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