Sick Snapchat rapist sent video showing naked victim with empty condom wrapper

A man has been jailed for 13 years after being found guilty of raping a woman he met in a nightclub.

Taulant Krasniqi had met the victim, a woman in her twenties, at a nightclub in Kingston, south-west London, in November 2017. Later that night they had gone to her home together but the woman decided to go to bed alone.

She recalled waking up briefly to see Krasniqi sitting at the foot of her bed with her phone in his hand, but when she awoke the next day he was gone.

It was only when one of the woman’s friends contacted her later that day to say she had been sent a video on Snapchat from an unknown person showing the woman lying naked in bed. An empty condom wrapper could be seen next to her on the sheet.

The woman called police as she had not consented to having sex with Krasniqi and an investigation was launched.

Krasniqi was identified and arrested, when he claimed the sexual intercourse was consensual.

His phone was seized as part of the investigation. When police examined the device they found videos showing Krasniqi having sex with the woman.

The woman appeared to be unconscious in the videos, demonstrating she was not in a position to consent.

Messages from Krasniqi’s phone also showed he had spoken to friends stating he had taken items from the room, including an Oyster Card and iPod.

Krasniqi was charged and in court he pleaded guilty to theft and voyeurism, but denied rape.

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Detective Inspector Julian Crabb said: “Krasniqi knew that the woman he had gone home with was in no position to consent to sexual activity yet he took advantage of this situation and raped her.

“He also filmed the woman without her knowledge and shared this on social media. His behaviour is truly abhorrent and I am pleased that he has been handed a lengthy prison sentence which reflects the gravity of his offending.

“I would also like to commend the woman who Krasniqi attacked – she has shown immense courage to report this to police and support this investigation and I hope this sentencing allows her the opportunity to begin to move on with her life.

“Anyone who reports a sexual offence to police will be offered the support of a specially-trained officer to help them through the investigative process – in this case, PC Sheena Woodward worked tirelessly and has been invaluable in helping to secure this conviction.”

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