Solo camper ‘thought he was getting murdered’ when he chanced upon illegal rave

A stunned camper says he 'thought he was going to get murdered' when he was disturbed by ravers going past his tent.

Oliver Broome from Wortley in Leeds had an "unbelievable weekend" when a "relaxing" camping trip at Oxenhope Stoop Hill in Bradford turned into a surprise visit to an illegal rave, reports YorkshireLive.

The 29-year-old nature lover shares accounts of his regular solo trips to the Yorkshire Dales online.

He had pitched up at a "perfect spot" on the peak and was about to tuck himself in his newly-purchased sleeping bag with a hot water bottle when he heard unusual noises from the outside of his tent.

Recalling his horror, Oliver said he feared the worst from the unexpected rustling and thought he was "surely" about to be murdered.

But what he found next was not killers but partygoers — who were just as shocked to find him there.

He said: "The voices were getting closer and closer so I decided to get my boots on and go out to confront them head on. I jumped out my tent and they were scared as they didn't know I was there."

Describing the moment he realised why they were there, Oliver said: "I then saw that they were carrying a speaker and then it all began making sense."

After this first encounter more people began arriving on the moors, setting up DJ equipment, strobe lights and large speakers before they began playing techno music.

Oliver took the opportunity to get involved and ended up becoming part of the festivities himself, joking: "I had no choice really, as my tent was right near the speakers so I got stuck in."

He was offered some beers by the attendees, who had come well prepared and could be seen gathered around while dancing, drinking and smoking.

The accidental raver reckons about 50 people were there of all different ages, with most of them being teens.

"The chances of something like this happening in the middle of nowhere are unbelievable", he reflected.

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