Spoon-bender Uri Geller claims grandkids have inherited object-moving powers

Uri Geller says his grandchildren have inherited his psychic powers and can move objects with their minds.

The famous spoonbender also claims Romi, six, and Liya, three, send him messages from their home in Los Angeles to his in Tel Aviv, Israel, by telepathy.

He said he has seen stray cats “mesmerised” by them, with the moggys freezing in place when they see the two youngsters.

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Uri says he has also seen Romi move a glass of water with her mind and has even walked in on her playing with bent spoons.

Now he thinks the pair may be part of a new ­generation of ­spiritual leaders – born to usher in a Golden Age for the planet.

Uri, 75, said: “I sometimes see spoon bending but I am not sure if they have done it physically or mentally. But definitely they are telepathic. They are mind readers, they are unbelievably intuitive.

“Liya stumped me when we were in a restaurant. She moved the cup with the power of her mind. It was extraordinary. I don’t know if this psychic force will stay with them or they will grow out of it.

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“Other people are shocked by seeing their psychic demonstrations.”

But his family don’t find it ­unusual after growing up seeing their dad’s abilities as part of everyday life.

Daughter Natalie said: “I thought everyone’s dad could do stuff like that and everyone’s ­parent was on television.

"But I see that with my daughters – it’s no big deal to them. It’s nice to see that they’re not fazed.”


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