Sports star ‘killed her lover’s stepson with black magic and hid body in forest’

A Russian sports star killed a boy whose back she wanted to brand with a ritualistic symbol, it is alleged.

Maria Korneeva, 29, a three-time archery-biathlon champion, is suspected of murdering her lover’s 15-year-old stepson.

The teenager's stepdad, Vladislav Tsykunov, 52, testified on video saying that the “cold blooded” athlete had only intended to stun the boy.

According to Tsykunov who is also detained by police, he and Korneeva had planned for her to stun Roman Fedulov with a wrench before carving a star into his back with a knife.

Instead however Korneeva allegedly told him in a shocked state that she killed him.

The body 15-year-old Roman was found hidden in an abandoned well in a forest near the village of Zemenki, Ryazan region, on October 13.

Tsykunov on October 8 is suspected of kidnapping his stepson from a marriage that had ended in divorce before he started dating Korneeva, say reports citing law enforcement.

He had become interested in the occult, and in using it to get back with his ex-wife Elena Fedulova, the mother of his daughter, say reports.

Tsykunov – who ran a business selling amulets online – claimed to police they had aimed to cut a pentagram five-pointed star on the boy’s back.

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“Maria took a wrench, wrapped it in fabric and a hunting knife,” he said in video testimony to the Russian Investigative Committee.

“She took the knife to draw (a pentagram)…

“I told her to watch out and not to kill (him).

“She said she’d only stun him…”

He claimed he was waiting in a car at the time.

“She ran back with her eyes wide open saying ‘I killed him’.

“I said – ‘OK’

“I’m in shock…..”

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He went to investigate and found the boy was dead with two stab wounds, he claimed.

Korneeva claimed that Tsykunov killed the boy and she mopped up the blood, said one report.

Blood stains were later found on his trainers, according to sources close to the case.

Police believe he manipulated the records from CCTV – which he had installed at his former marital home – to hide moments around the murder.

His collection of black magic images was also found, say reports.

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When the boy went missing, his former stepfather volunteered to help with the search.

A message on Korneeva’s now-closed social media reads: “Those who have seen darkness once will never believe in the light.”

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A source at her former sports club said Maria “set a goal and walked towards it in a cold blooded way. She worked, worked and worked.”

She was a three-time Russian archery-biathlon champion but had recently stopped training and divorced from her husband, a cook, and devoted herself to her new lover.

Both Korneeva and Tsykunov remain in detention in connection to the murder investigation.

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