Springwater declares ‘significant weather event’ due to blowing snow, reduced visibility

Springwater Township has declared a “significant weather event” as of 3 p.m. Thursday due to blowing snow and reduced visibility.

Dangerous snow squalls are expected to continue through the night. Under the snow squall bands, visibility will be significantly reduced due to heavy and blowing snow that will quickly accumulate.

Springwater’s weather declaration has been made in relation to Ontario’s Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways.

The strongest snow squall currently extends from Elmvale to just north of Beaverton, Ont., according to Environment Canada. While the squall is expected to move south gradually and out of the area later Thursday evening, it’s expected to last through Friday.

Springwater officials are reminding drivers and pedestrians to exercise caution when using the township’s roads and sidewalks and to drive or walk as the road or sidewalk conditions allow.

Officials say a notice will be issued when the significant weather event has ended.

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