Squatters move into newly-purchased home and stick ‘private property’ signs up

A couple who splashed out to buy a new house were left shocked after they drove past to admire the property, only to find a group of strangers had already moved in.

The unlucky pair signed a contract on the Maryland home before squatters declared it was actually theirs and even put up signs declaring it “private property” and warning “beware of the dog”.

A report claims the owners, who don’t want to be named, arrived at their latest purchase to find a storage truck pulled up on the driveway and new tenants walking inside.

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Now, the squatters are refusing to leave with one of them saying their uncle has a lease to the property.

Melea King, the couple’s estate agent, told WUSA9: “It seem as though someone has tried to take possession of the property.

“We have an agreed, signed, ratified contract with the bank. Right now my clients are highly upset and we just don’t know what to do at this point.

“It should not be taking this long for this to be addressed.”

She added the couple were the home’s legal owners after buying it from a bank following its seizure and abandonment over debts.

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The owners reportedly called the cops in an attempt to kick out the people squatting inside the house, but were told it was more of a “civil matter” and should be dealt with by a sheriff.

King continued: “Once the police were on site, they took a look at the lease and it was not accurate. It was not correct."

She is now demanding an explanation from the bank over how the strangers were able to move themselves onto the property.

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