Storm Jorge MAP: When will monster storm hit UK? Latest charts and maps

Storm Jorge is heading towards the UK east coast this weekend and is currently on course to be the third to command wind gusts exceeding 50mph this month. The system has prompted several warnings from the Met Office and will batter much of the country starting today.

When will Storm Jorge hit the UK?

Storm Jorge is currently angling towards the UK west coast, where it will start to make landfall this weekend.

Currently, weather forecasters with the Met Office are tracking the system, and expect the first signs to present themselves today.

The agency has six yellow warnings in place for an array of conditions, which started to crop up from 9am today.


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In total, the Met Office has released seven weather warnings, three for snow and four for rain.

The organisation expects up to 60mm of rain within the next day and inches of snow over high ground.

They expect the bulk of the storm will hit over the weekend.

Paul Gundersen, Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office, said the most damaging conditions would likely come to Northern Ireland.

He said: “This weekend we’ll see another named Storm bring strong winds to parts of the UK with several wind and rain warnings in place.

“On Friday a band of rain associated with Storm Jorge will move across the UK – we have issued rain warnings for parts of Wales and northern England, where rain will be heaviest and we could see 60 to 80mm possible over the highest ground.

“South-westerly winds will strengthen through Saturday morning and it’ll turn widely windy except for northern Scotland, with wind warnings in place for Northern Ireland, Wales, southern Scotland and much of England.

“Where warnings are in place gusts of 50 to 60mph are likely quite widely with 65 to 70mph possible in coastal areas, however, the strongest and most damaging winds are expected across the Republic of Ireland.”

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The Met Office expects the worst effects from the storm will come on Saturday when they have issued nine weather warnings.

On the day, there are four weather warnings for rain, two for snow, one of ice, and two for wind, which cover most of the country.

Forecasters expect up to 70mm of rain over high ground tomorrow, and wind speeds of roughly 70mph maximum.

The warnings remain until Sunday at 12pm, and snow warnings continue until Monday.

Several places currently contained within Met Office warnings are already inundated with water and are at increased risk this weekend.

Already flood-hit communities have been warned “its not good news” as Jorge approaches.

The Environment Agency currently has nearly 200 notices in place, 67 of which are flood warnings.

They warn the River Severn, which has recently swelled beyond capacity, is likely to continue flooding until at least Sunday.

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