‘Stray’ dog missing for months recognises woman driving past and bursts with joy

A motorist was left stunned when she saw a "stray" dog greeting her in high spirits on a road – only to realise it was her brother's missing pooch.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, was driving to her parents' home in the municipality of Chongqing, China when she noticed a dog following behind her car.

Video shared on Douyin captures a shabby dog standing on his hind legs and leaning on the woman's car door.

It runs around the car and wags its tail in excitement and the woman thinks she recognises it.

When she sees the pooch's eyes she realises why he looks so familiar – it's her brother's missing pet.

She puts him in a bag and brings him home for a groom.

The woman told local media: "It was my brother's dog. He went missing for about six months.

"We've searched everywhere and we couldn't find him.

"I was shocked that the dog recognised my car after all!"

The video touched many viewers' hearts, with some saying the dog was lucky to reunite with his owner.

One said: "He's a very loyal dog. It's so lucky that he didn't get snatched away."

Another wrote: "The dog did not forget his owner despite living as stray for six months! Please take good care of the dog."

It comes after a pooch survived a horrifying ordeal with callous puppy farmers who sold her off for £1,000 in Glasgow.

The new owner found the dog extremely underweight and could barely walk and she even started to poo blood.

The Scottish SSPCA has launched an investigation to look into the mistreatment of dogs in puppy farms.

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