Suspect arrested in RTD bus knife attack on disabled man

A suspect in a ferocious knife attack on a disabled man aboard a bus in Denver has been arrested in Nebraska, the Denver Police Department said Tuesday.

DPD said Jerome Brewer, 40, was arrested Monday on investigation of first-degree attempted murder and first-degree assault. He is in custody awaiting extradition to Colorado, according to DPD’s media relations office, and has not yet been charged.

He was arrested in connection with the June 30 stabbing of a passenger aboard the Regional Transportation District’s Route 15L bus. The incident occurred just before 8 p.m. while the bus was traveling on East Colfax Avenue between Ogden and Downing Streets.

According to security-camera footage released to The Denver Post by RTD, the attack played out over less than 30 seconds. In the video, a man wearing a bright-colored hoodie is seen talking on the phone while seated near the rear door of an extended, accordion-style bus, while handling a large knife that had been in a sheath in his front pocket.

He suddenly shouts and then stands and lunges at the victim, a 22-year-old man, who is out of the frame. Both men are seen reentering the frame as the attacker stabs the victim several more times in his torso.

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The victim, who was taking the bus home from a taekwondo class across town, suffered several stab wounds to his chest, back, neck and hands, according to his family. His brother has said the victim has autism, is bipolar and deals with schizophrenia.

His brother told The Post last month that according to his account, prior to the attack, the assailant “asked him what he was looking at, and my brother said he wasn’t looking at anything. And he just got up and violently attacked him.”

He has requested that neither of them be identified because of the family’s safety concerns.

The knife attack is among the more violent recent crimes reported on RTD’s system as the agency has faced concerns about safety.

RTD on Tuesday announced the hiring of a new police chief, Joel Fitzgerald, who said higher visibility of police and security officers will be among his top priorities.

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