Tech millionaire shows off giant Cold War radar as he vows to ’find UFOs’

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A British tech boss who is restoring an old Cold War era radar says the 60 feet wide dish could be used to help find UFOs.

William Sachiti asked Reddit for help to bring the abandoned RAF defence station back to life and wrote: “I convinced myself it may be good fun to use to attempt to find UFOs.”

The 37-year-old robotics expert is living and working near the crumbling machine, that can pump signals out to a whopping 250 mile radius.

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It was used by the British military from 1962 to 1994 as an early warning system in case deadly nuclear weapons were fired.

Since posting a picture of the historic kit, William has been flooded with requests to use it to “scan the moon” and “hunt UFOs”.

He told VICE: “So it's sitting there but because there was nobody here for a while, it was slowly beginning to degrade… I just thought, ‘Something's got to be done.’

“It’s not for me to decide what the best use in the modern world is for it. So long as it doesn’t harm and it’s not intrusive.

“I’ve got the tech, let’s give it a life.”

But although the top inventor is keeping an open mind to using his radar dish to find alien life, he reckons it is unlikely they will ever make contact.

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William reckons that it is likely aliens are actually so advanced, humans are beyond their consideration.

He explained: “The reason it doesn’t concern me too much is there’s been all this time and there’s not been actionable information.

“If an ant decided to contact humans, would we even know… these UFOs, if there is some sort of intelligence behind them, well they’ve ignored us for the most part.”


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