Terrifying great white shark hotspot where swimmers brave waters fearing attack

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A terrifying series of great white shark attacks has led to one coastline being warned of as a shark hotspot.

Swimmers and fishermen are regularly reported as being attacked by the ocean-dwelling beasts, with a series of reported deaths and grisly injuries coming out of the area.

A huge great white shark was spotted flying out of the water near a fishing boat, while others have been left brutally savaged and even killed by the massive predator.

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Beach-goers take life in their own hands when heading to parts of the South African coast, where the ocean-residing beasts are taking lives frequently.

Most recently there were reports of a man being brutally mauled to death as panicked onlookers could do nothing but watch on as the horror unfolded.

The shark is said to have been stalking the coastline some minutes before the attack at Sanctuary Beach in Plettenberg Bay, with reports of a great white attacking a man in the ocean.

National Sea Rescue deployed two boats to save the bloke after witnesses raised the alarm with water authorities, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The horrifying incident led to a spokesperson for the National Sea Rescue team imploring sailors and ocean-goers to "exercise caution" following the incident.

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Another incident reported along the South African coast saw a tourist dragged deep into the water by a great white shark.

Thankfully the tourist, who was fishing while on a trip to the Natures Valley holiday resort, survived his close encounter with the beast.

Theodore Prinsloo claimed he never felt as though he was in any danger after a shark caught onto his mussel cracker catch, though spoke of the terrifying moment he was dragged 50 metres through the ocean by the great white.

The tourist says fishermen had warned him about a 16-foot great white shark that had been roaming the area.

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Just a day later, Prinsloo returned and stayed close to some rocks believing he would be safe, but ended up 50 metres away from where he'd started the day after a shark dragged him away from the safety of the rocks.

Station Commander Marc Rodgers, who responded to the incident, said: "About 20 minutes after catching an approximately eight to nine-kilogram mussel cracker that he hooked to a flotation buoy attached to his spear gun, the shark grabbed the fish and made off out to sea dragging to buoy and Theodore with it.

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"Theodore was able to release to flotation buoy after being dragged for a distance of about 50 metres towards deep sea and he quickly swam ashore."

Another sighting of the huge beast came from Mossel Bay in South Africa, where a shark photographer captured the beast leaping out of the water.

Daily Star reported that the "amazing" shark had leapt out of the water to nab some food that was held in a cage above the water.


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