Terrifying moment freediver is dragged 410ft to surface after horror blackout

A free-diver was saved from certain death after suffering a blackout at around 410 feet below sea level.

Spaniard Miguel Lozano was attempting to break a world record for the deepest free-dive when things went horribly wrong.

He lost consciousness and began drifting further and further down the ocean, somewhere around the Caribbean.

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Video footage on social media of the scary moment shows five divers swimming towards him, working in unison to rescue him and push him back to the surface.

Shockingly, the bloke didn't have an air tank and was attempting to do the record purely by holding his breath.

But heartbreakingly for him, he was just six feet away from becoming a new world record holder.

In the video, a diver is seen attempting to lift the man's limp body, while covering his mouth so that he didn't inhale any water by mistake.

A second man is seen helping to keep Lozan's body in an upright position, which is necessary due to pressure issues.

The third member was helping to free the man from a diving while, while two other divers help with pushing the man up to the surface.

Recalling the incident after, Lozano said: “We usually try to hide accidents in Free-diving to avoid giving a bad image and bring free-diving closer to the general public.

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“Blackouts rarely occur, but when it happens, as part of our sport and with the appropriate protocols, as you can see in the video – as it would happen in other sports like climbing – I had no consequences.

“Thanks to the Roatan Freediving school team who put on an impeccable performance and mentally allowed me to face this world record attempt.”

He had previously managed to dive to a depth of 400ft in Honduras in 2016, but was unable to go any lower this time around, and has not yet confirmed if he will attempt the record-breaking dive again.

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