Terrifying moment Taliban whips female students who protest their right to study

Shocking video has emerged online showing a group of Afghan women being whipped by a Taliban member for refusing to wear the burqa.

The students of Badakhshan University, in Faizabad, claimed they were denied entry and locked outside the gate because of the dress code violation.

In videos shared on Twitter, they were seen wearing hijab – headscarf – instead of a full-body cloak.

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The group chanted by the university gates: "Access to education!"

Then a man in uniform came chasing after them with a whip and lashing them to disperse the group.

The female students ran away in fear while holding the books and other school supplies.

According to the Directorate of Vice and Virtue, proper attire for women in public is either a niqab – a veil covering the head and face but not the eyes – or a burqa – a veil that covers the entire body and face, with a mesh window across the eyes.

Saima, who studies at the university, told Alive in Afghanistan: "We were stopped on the way to university today and they even checked our fingernails.

"They wanted to slap a student for wearing nail polish, but the girl ran away.

"They called ahead to the next checkpoint to apprehend and punish her."

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Naqibullah Qazizada, the president of the university, acknowledged the crackdown on students by the Taliban’s vice and virtue officer and assured them the student requests would be realised, Khamma Press reported.

The Taliban have been taking strict measures and clamping down on women's freedom.

Women demanding the right to work have been viciously assaulted by the Taliban.

One, who gave her name to the BBC as Sara, said: "They tell me not to go for protests. They [the Taliban] will kill you.

"I fought with my brother to attend the march on Wednesday. It's important that we raise our voice. I'm not scared.

"I will keep going again and again and again, until they kill us. It is better to die once than die gradually."


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