The singer of a KISS cover band caught on fire in the middle of a show and kept playing

The frontman of an American hair metal cover band has become an internet sensation after a Hotter than Hell incident saw him rip through a KISS classic nonchalantly while on fire.

While posing as Paul Stanley — the legendary KISS frontman — in full costume and make-up, Hairball singer Bobby Jensen’s hair was set alight onstage during a cover of the iconic smash-hit single Detroit Rock City last.

As seen in a video captured on TikTok last February, the incident took place while Jensen was standing too close to a nearby pyrotechnics device during one of Hairball’s headlining gigs in Sioux City, Iowa.

Instead of stopping the 1976 rock anthem midway through to deal with the fire, Jensen just kept rocking — without missing a note.

It was one of his bandmates, “Happy,” who first noticed the fire before trying to pat it away. The flames intensified as the guitarist called on some of the crew members to come and aid the frontman.

On the incident, Jensen said, “I knew I was on fire right away,” while speaking with Ultimate Classic Rock, adding that his hair is all-natural.

“That wasn’t a wig, that’s my hair,” he added. “It was really nice and foofy before the show, now I have a much better Alice Cooper cut.”

When asked why he didn’t immediately take action to combat the fire, Jensen said, “I live an Evil Knievel kind of life, so if I’m on fire a little bit, I don’t care, that’s just part of the fun.”

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Jensen continued: “We always prepare for it. That’s why you didn’t see me freak out. I have 100 per cent faith in my guys that they’ll get to me and put me out. So I just thought, ‘I’ll sing to everybody while I’m on fire.’”

Thousands of those who caught the video took to Twitter commending Jensen for going on with the show.

Here’s what some of those users had to say:

“Bobby Jensen is a legend now because he didn’t even let fire stop his performance,” tweeted another user. “That shows some damn dedication to his craft,” they added.

Hairball is best known for its fully-costumed, theatrical performances across the nation. With two singers, the act alternates between covers of legendary rock bands such as Van Halen, AC/DC, Mötley Crüe, Queen, Bon Jovi and Aerosmith among many others.

“A band puts on a concert,” they wrote on their website, “Hairball puts on an event… that hits you so hard, it’ll take a few days to recover” — as it may have for Jensen.

The members of Hairball describe themselves as “a rock and roll experience you won’t forget.”

Currently, the band is celebrating its 20th year as a tribute act with a massive U.S. tour, which spans through to the fall.

For more updates, tour dates and information, you can visit the official Hairball website.

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