Thunderstorms and flooding warning issued as heavy rain batters UK

Met Office weather: Aidan gives forecast fir UK weekend weather

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People living in the south-east have reportedly heard “big booms” tonight amid a flash-flooding and thunderstorm warning issued by forecasters. Netweather experts had predicted such weather after a day of widespread rain. Its warning will remain in place until at least tomorrow morning. Despite a thaw from the recent snow, Sunday will see a morning frost that will affect much of the country before more chilly weather next week.

Ian Simpson, a forecaster for NetWeather said: “A number of fronts will bring areas of rain through the day. Another occlusion lifting north across south east England and East Anglia will bring clouds and rain during the day and early afternoon.

“Between these areas of rain will be brighter skies, with surface heating in sunny spells beneath cold air of upper trough aloft leading to an unstable slack southerly flow across south west England, Wales, Midlands and northern England.

“Surface heating and local breeze convergence will support the development of heavy showers and increasingly a few thunderstorms late morning and through the afternoon.

“Storms most likely across eastern Wales, Midlands and northern England. Any storms may be accompanied by hail and may produce localised flooding – given slow-moving nature of cells.”

On Sunday, many areas will remain dry with sunny spells. But rain is expected to move east across northwestern regions later in the day.

Heavy showers are predicted to continue next week, with strong winds and coastal gales pushing from west to east across the country on Monday and Tuesday. Rainfall will be heaviest over high ground in the west, WXCharts maps show.

The rest of the week will remain gloomy with bands of rain, some of it heavy, punctuated by lighter, showery interludes. There will occasionally be severe gusts and a few isolated thunderstorms.

Up until Friday, temperatures will be above the March average, meaning all regions expect northern Scotland won’t get any frost.

A total of 16 flood alerts by the Environment Agency remain in place for most parts of England, with Keswick Campsite set to face flooding in the North Lakes.

According to BBC Weather’s monthly outlook, the rest of the month will be unsettled. Periodic rain with strong winds will hit the country, with temperatures most likely to fluctuate near the seasonal average.

The colder arctic air could return from the north in the final five days of the month, according to meteorologists at By the end of the month, colder weather will return to the UK, bringing more rainfall with it, according to WX Charts.

Rainfall is expected to be most severe in northern and western areas.

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The rest of this month

The Met Office’s long-range forecast for the remainder of the month, up until April 1, says: “This Thursday, rain clearing the far northeast, elsewhere sunny spells and blustery showers, heavy at times.

“These showers may increasingly fall as snow in the far north. Low pressure is expected to dominate for the rest of the week, bringing showers or longer spells of rain, heavy at times.

“Highest precipitation totals likely in the west, with comparatively drier conditions in the east. Windy at times, with a risk of coastal gales. Throughout the rest of the period unsettled conditions are most likely to continue, with periods of strong wind and rain, interspersed with shorter, drier spells.

“Temperatures likely close to average in the south but with a chance of becoming rather cold in the north.”

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