‘Time traveller’ who predicted Musk would buy Twitter warns next upcoming event

A TikToker claiming to be a time traveller from the year 3000 has made a prediction as to how Elon Musk's Twitter takeover will pan out.

The social media user claims that they correctly predicted Musk's takeover of Twitter months ago.

They regularly share predictions about major global events and now they have had their say on what will happen next.

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The social media user, who calls themselves Time Traveller 3000, posted a video on Tiktok saying that they foresaw Tesla boss Musk buying Twitter “months ago”.

In the post shared with their 12,000 followers, they said: "To prove that I am a time traveller I will tell you what happens to Elon Musk."

"As I predicted months ago, Elon would buy Twitter and then unban Donald Trump.

"This will upset many people so Elon will step down as CEO of Tesla and then become CEO of Twitter.

“And you still thought I wasn't a time traveller."

The Sun reports that the overwhelming response from social media users was to demand proof.

One said: "That was easily predicted", while another added "if you came back from the year 3000 how would you know something so insignificant that happened 1000 years ago?"

Someone else commented: "By the time anything may or may not happen you would be looong forgotten."

The self-proclaimed “time traveller” has previously claimed that the US Navy will come into contact with aliens, and that a global virus will originate in Antarctica.

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