Tourist murdered in Israel by terrorists who paraded naked body in streets

A German tourist’s body was paraded semi-naked on the back of a pick-up truck by Hamas militants after she was murdered after attending a peace rave close to the Gaza border.

Sickening footage posted online shows the bleeding and battered body of Shani Louk, aged 30, laying at the feet of terrorists on the back of a vehicle just hours after Hammas launched a massive attack yesterday.

In Germany Ms Louk’s family have seen the footage and idendified her from distinctive tattoos on her body.

It’s reported Ms Louk had been attending a peace rave festival close to the Gaza border on Saturday. A British national named as Jake Marlowe is still missing after working as security also at a festival close to the border.

Since fighting began Israeli media, citing rescue service officials, said at least 300 people were killed, including 26 soldiers, while in Gaza officials said 313 people had died.

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Ms Louk’s mother Ricarda posted a heart-breaking video on Saturday holding a phone showing a picture of her daughter, BILD reports. 

She said: “This morning my daughter was kidnapped with a group of tourists in the south of Israel.

“We were sent a video where I could clearly recognize our daughter. Unconscious, in the car with the Palestinians as they drove into the Gaza Strip, I ask for any help, any news.”

It’s reported Ms Louk and her mother live in Israel but come from Ravensburg, in Baden-Württemberg, in Germany.

Hamas militants are understood to have taken dozens of people hostage after the surprise attack on Israel yesterday.

Israeli TV news aired a stream of accounts from the relatives of captive or missing Israelis, who begged for assistance amid a fog of uncertainty surrounding the fate of their loved ones.

In Gaza, residents fled homes near the border to escape Israeli strikes, fleeing deeper inside the territory after warnings in Arabic from the Israeli military.

Previous conflicts between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers brought widespread destruction in Gaza and days of rocket fire on Israeli towns.

A flare-up on Israel’s northern border also threatened to draw into the battle Hezbollah, a fierce enemy of Israel’s which is backed by Iran and estimated to have tens of thousands of rockets at its disposal.

Hezbollah fired dozens of rockets and shells on Sunday at three Israeli positions in a disputed area along the border with Lebanon and Israel’s military fired back using armed drones.

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