Tragedy as 32-year-old dies after being crushed by horse in freak accident

A woman was crushed to death by a horse in a horror freak accident just months after her mom died.

Lídia Pires Ferreira, 32, was tragically crushed to death after the horse she was riding on fell on top of her last Sunday.

Witnesses recall how she lost her balance and fell while pulling on the reins.

The animal then fell on top of her.

The horrified onlookers immediately ran over to assist as it unfolded at the Lago Oeste ranch, near Brasília, Brazil.

Emergency services including firefighters were called and Lídia was rushed to hospital.

The team tried to revive her but she tragically died from cardiac arrest en route.

Lídia was originally from the municipality of Anápolis but had been living and working as a dentist in the Brazilian capital since 2020 when she got married.

She ran her own dental aesthetics clinic and had suffered tragedy just five months earlier when her mother died.

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Lídia’s devastated brother, David Pires Ferreira, told local press that his sister had been training for a horse riding competition the following week.

He said: “She died an accomplished woman. Accomplished as a servant of God, and as a worship leader at the Assembleia de Deus.

“Accomplished as a professional who managed to graduate and have her own clinic.

“Accomplished as a wife, because she had a husband who took care of her as she deserved.”

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Lídia was with an instructor and a female friend at the time of the accident, local police reports.

She had been riding horses for about a year and a half, according to her family.

On hearing the horrific news of her death, her police officer husband collapsed and had to be taken to hospital, local media reports.

Her sister, 37-year-old Raquel Rocha Ferreira, added: “She was surrounded by friends, she was… always making jokes and brightening people’s days.”

Lídia was laid to rest in Brasília on Monday, October 2.

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