Tragic Ellie Gould’s ‘evil’ murderer could finally share why he killed her

The "evil" man who stabbed schoolgirl Ellie Gould to death may finally reveal why he killed her.

Thomas Griffiths, 18, murdered the 17-year-old in May last year.

Ellie's dad Matthew found her lying face down at the family's Wiltshire home in a pool of blood with a knife sticking out of her neck. She'd been stabbed 13 times.

Griffiths confessed to the horrific crime and was jailed for 12 and a half years in November. But he's refused to say what prompted him to kill his ex-girlfriend.

There are reports that Ellie had just broken up with Griffiths, with friends claiming the busy teen didn't have time for a relationship as her A-levels approached. She was also a passionate horse rider who worked as a waitress on weekends.

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In a letter read aloud at Bristol Crown Court after sentencing, Griffiths said he didn't know why he'd stabbed Ellie.

"I feel confused and angry at myself at how I was able to hurt someone so special to me and others," he wrote.

"I have never been in trouble before.

"At the time, my mental health was not good and I wish I had recognised this.

"I have truly let myself down and hope one day I will be able to explain to myself and others why this happened."

He told police after his arrest that he remembered putting his hands around Ellie's neck but nothing after that.

Ellies parents Carole and Matthew Gould say that's not a good enough explanation, and they desperately "want answers from Griffiths" as to why their daughter was killed.

"He should wake up to what he has done," Carole told The Sun.

"Just saying he can't remember or explain why isn't acceptable."

They could finally get some answers as Griffiths has been invited to take part in a new investigation into the murder. The council-backed probe by charity Standing Together will look into whether there were indications of "domestic abuse" before Ellie died.

The report's findings will be presented to council bosses as well as the Home Office.

Griffiths will be able to apply for a reduction to his prison term because he was under 18 at the time of the offence, meaning he could serve just six years behind bars.

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Carole says the man who killed her daughter should serve at least 17 years – Ellie's age when she died.

"We as Ellie's parents, we want answers from Griffiths. How could he carry out such an evil brutal murder on our beautiful, kind, caring gentle Ellie who he was supposed to have been fond of and why did he do it?

"He is pure evil and should never get out of prison at the age of 30 to have a second chance."

She says the family welcomed Griffiths into their home and even spent Ellie's birthday with him.

"There was never an indicator at that time that he was capable of such a heinous act against our Ellie."

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