Tudor blockbuster film is looking for extras but they have to have tiny boobs

A new Tudor-period film is looking for extras – but the women must have tiny boobs and the men must be short.

Locals where the movie is being shot complained the strict criteria will prevent them from getting involved in the Hollywood flick.

Firebrand Casting is looking for women with a bust below 36 inches and men to be shorter than six feet.

The average bra size for a woman in Britain is 36DD, while the average height for a man is 5ft 9in.

The typical man measured just below 5ft 5in in the 1500s, with women being a few inches shorter.

Firebrand said: “We are looking for anyone interested in being an extra on set with us – and we welcome all levels of experience.

"Due to the time period we are matching, we have very specific costume sizes.”

The film will be shot in the Peak District town of Bakewell, Derbyshire.

Locals have speculated it is the new Jude Law blockbuster about Henry VIII’s final wife, Catherine Parr.

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But some Hollywood hopefuls blasted the size requirements.

Sheila Cresswell posted: “Oops! I’m too wide. I’ll get my corset on”, while Chaz Avent queried if there were no curvy women in the 1500s.

She said: “Obviously didn’t have bigger body shapes in Tudor times.”

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