UK estate where ‘dealers operate in broad daylight’ and brothel thrives

In a crime-ridden estate in London, drug dealers go about their illicit activities in full view of the public and residents say a brothel thrives, forcing the council to invest £600million into what locals have described as "social cleansing".

The Lisson Green Estate in the west of the capital city has undergone a radical regeneration, thus making it more difficult for those involved in the questionable behaviour to continue with their dubious antics.

However, residents say the problems still rage on, and that the changes have had a horrific impact on some, reports MyLondon.

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Dennis Moorhead, 76, grew up in the area and has resided on the bottom floor of Mallory Street for 14 years. But now he feels abandoned, claiming the new projects have pushed his daughter and her five-year-old daughter out of the area.

He claimed that the child has to travel two hours to school every day, which has taken a toll on his daughter's well-being.

His partner, Pam, said: "There are so many people coming into the area, so where do you place them? I don’t see people born and bred in the area getting a home.”

Westminster City Council claims the Church Street development will showcase its intent of supplying genuinely affordable housing.

But Pam has much bigger troubles to worry about than new buildings, and she claims renters have to live in a cocoon of gang-related crime and drug dealing.

Talking about a recent stabbing, she said: "You get so blase about it. It is sad, but once again, it’s the people; it’s the gangs."

A mother claims that the youngsters idolise gang members, with the youths of Lisson Green clashing with their opposition on Harrow Road. But she wouldn't turn her back on the area.

The single parent said: "If they gave me a flat in Mayfair, I wouldn’t exchange it for one here. As long as you stay away from the drugs, then you are safe."

Unfortunately, the rate of violence in the area is still extremely high.

This has resulted in men like Mohamed Bonyad fearing for his family's safety.

He admitted: "We have issues with drug users. They are ruthless. They will pinch your [belongings] right in front of you. We have to be extra cautious and keep looking; otherwise, they come and hassle you. They ask for a pound or two, and if you say no, they try to take something.”

In addition, the carer was hit by a devastating crime when addicts broke into his garage and stole his car and his wife's £70 sunglasses.

He stressed: "They are not scared of anything."

Another concerned local, who wanted to remain anonymous, alluded to the fact that there could be a brothel running in the area.

The woman revealed that she's spotted sleazy men coming and going, and the loud music has given her sleepless nights.

Another resident said: "It’s bad. It’s very, very bad. We can’t sleep for three nights because police come all the time."

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