UK facing September milk drought as 500 animal activists plan to stop all supply

A group of animal activists have vowed to leave supermarket shelves empty of milk for a fortnight as they campaign to call time on the dairy industry.

Animal Rebellion has announced that it will be “mobilising 500 people to shut down the supply of dairy to the UK” as it bids to cause “large-scale material disruption” to the milk supply.

The group’s co-founder Dan Kidby added: “What this will mean in practice is for a one to two- week period there will be no milk on the supermarket shelves. This has never been done before in the UK or around the world.”

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If Animal Rebellion follows through on their threat, it will only add to the chaos already being caused by fuel protesters and Extinction Rebellion campaigners, as well as rail strikes and the massive queues holidaymakers are facing on their way to France – not to mention the soaring cost of energy.

The group have outlined their demands in a video announcing their plans.

They want to move people who currently work in the “destructive” meat, dairy and fishing industries to plant-based industries instead. And they want the land that would be freed up by such a move to be devoted to rewilding.

“Decades of climate research has shown that we are running out of time to secure a liveable future for everyone,” said Animal Rebellion spokesperson Emma de Saram, 21.

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“We are calling on our government to urgently begin a transition to a plant-based food system where we would use significantly fewer natural resources, less energy and less land.

“Rewilding spaces previously misused for animal farming and fishing would have the dual benefit of drawing-down carbon from the atmosphere and restoring precious biodiversity.

“We are hoping that people will hear our message and support us in sustained action to stop the supply of dairy this September.”


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