UK snow forecast: Maps turn WHITE as -5C Atlantic system to dump up to 11CM in days

UK weather: Heavy bursts of rain and potential thunder expected

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While many celebrated an unusually mild New Year’s Eve, forecasters have warned temperatures could plummet next week as an intense system swoops in from the Atlantic. Such is the drop in temperatures, snow levels in Wales could reach up to 11cm on January 7. However, in the Highlands of Scotland, snow levels are expected to reach 22cm next week.

Even the central belt of Scotland could see snow levels ranging between 4-6cm on January 7.

In the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District, snow levels may reach 6cm, maps from forecaster, WXCHARTS state.

These snow levels will remain in the early part of January 8, although the south of England will avoid the wintry showers, maps predict.

Wales could see up to 7cm on Saturday morning, but the Highlands of Scotland may reach 24cm on Saturday.

Further charts from the forecaster also show the mercury dropping to -5C on January 7.

In Scotland, temperatures could range between -1 to -5C next Friday due to the cold band of weather.

Wales may also see the mercury fall to -3C next Friday as Britons are given a winter freeze.

Newcastle could see a low of -1C on Friday afternoon, while the south of England may drop to freezing.

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Commenting on the forecast between January 5-14, the Met Office states: “A cold and frosty start to this period, before rain spreads from the west.

“This rain may be heavy at times and could be preceded by a short period of snow, mainly in northern areas.

“Cloud and rain are likely to clear, leading to drier and brighter conditions further south and east.

“Generally windy for all, with the strongest winds accompanying the rain to the north and west.

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“Overall, temperatures are expected to be near to or above average, although some temporary colder periods are likely.

“Through the later part of this period, a continuation of the rather changeable regime is expected with spells of wet and windy weather, however, interspersed by drier, brighter periods.”

For the remainder of January, the Met Office states: “Through the rest of January, a continuation of the rather changeable regime is expected with spells of wet and windy weather interspersed by drier, brighter periods.

“Temperatures are likely to remain close to or slightly above average due to a mixture of mild spells and shorter-lived colder periods.

“These shorter-lived colder periods may still allow for some snow, but this will typically fall over hills in the north.

“Towards the end of this period, there is a tentative sign of more settled spells developing, particularly across the south which would increase the chance of overnight frost and fog here.”

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