UK storm forecast: ‘ET’ double cyclone MAPPED – Britain threatened by torrent of downpours

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Meteorologists are ‘keeping a close eye’ on two low-pressure bubbles heading towards the UK next weekend. A churning spiral of rain wrapped around the feature is on course to swipe the nation, offloading a torrent of heavy downpours.

Weather models also show the double-cyclone shrouded in an apparently cleaved section of the jet stream.

Although high pressure, which promises a dry, settled weekend ahead, may hold it off, forecasters warn it is ‘one to watch’.

Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, said: “The weekend and the bank holiday is looking very pleasant thanks to high pressure bringing largely clear skies.

“There’s a low-pressure feature with some significant rain associated with it that approaches the UK during the start of next month.

“This weather system, which looks a bit like ET, is one to watch, simply because it will set up a battle with high pressure and if it manages to get past it is carrying a lot of rain with it.”

Weather models show a deluge engulfing Britain next weekend, targeting northern regions with the heaviest downpours.

While swathes of the country in drought will welcome the rain, it is merely the start of a long period of recovery.

Mr Dale, an expert in weather safety and impacts, said: “The rain that we have had and any rain in the forecast through the start of September will be a gradual unwinding of the drought.

“But it is not the end of the situation. The heavy rain we had this week will have largely run off and caused floods.

“It might have helped a bit, but what we need is steady rain, and this is what we may see next month.”

In the meantime, forecasters have settled on a bank-holiday outlook of largely warm, dry and sunny weather.

Computer models over the past few weeks have struggled to come up with a definitive outlook for the August break.

However, they predict temperatures to rise widely into the 20Cs across southern England with summer set to end in a blaze of glory.

Mr Dale said: “The weekend, for the most part, looks very pleasant for much of the UK with high pressure looking set to dominate.

“This will hold out through the weekend and beyond, and although we are not expecting anything on a scale of what we have seen over the past few weeks, it should be a warm and sunny spell of weather for most parts of the UK.”

Met Office meteorologists agree much of the UK will stay dry and warm this weekend as high pressure beds in.

However, Britons in the south heading out and about on Saturday morning are warned to watch out for a bank of mist and fog.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said: “It could turn a bit misty and murky across southeast England and East Anglia on Saturday morning, but any mist and fog should clear away.

“It is something to bear in mind, though, if you are heading away early for the bank holiday weekend.”

Temperatures will rise through the next couple of days hitting the low- to mid-20Cs, although chilly winds will bring a cooler feel to coastal regions.

Mr Deakin said: “The bank holiday for much of the UK is going to be dry.

“On Saturday we are looking at a few showers across northern England and maybe one or two over the midlands, Wales or southern England, but for the vast majority it will be dry.

“While Sunday will be pretty warm, it will be a bit fresher on Monday, particularly on eastern coasts and gusty on south coasts.

“There is a lot of fine weather this weekend, most places will be dry and bright with sunny spells but some of the coasts will be a little windy especially by Monday.”

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