UK storm forecast: November from HELL looms as ‘windstorms’ and heavy rain to hit Britain

BBC Weather: Europe set for a 'drop in temperatures'

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While Britons have been treated to unusually warm conditions to start the autumn, forecasters now warn of a wet and windy start to November. Tyler Roys, Senior Meteorologist and lead European forecaster from Accuweather, claimed there is a “moderate confidence” level. He told “In regards to wind and rain, the potential for ‘windstorms’ and heavy rain events is there with a moderate confidence level.

“At this time it is hard to pinpoint when these events will occur through early November.”

In support of Mr Roys, graphs from WXCharts show high levels of rain on October 30.

According to graphs, parts of the country could see upwards of 5mm per hour of rain.

London and the southeast of England will see the heaviest rainfall on October 30.

However, the majority of the north, Midlands, and south of England will suffer a washout at the end of the month.

Wales will also experience high levels of rain with the charts showing close to 3mm per hour.

At 12am on Sunday, October 31, this heavy weather front will proceed towards the entirety of the north.

Other graphs also predict wind speed levels reaching up to 75km per hour for the south of England on October 30.

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Mr Roys also warned of a weather front which may approach the UK towards the end of the month.

Currently, a cold weather front is moving across Europe and may hit the UK from the east.

Due to this cold weather front, he warned there may be some snow for the Scottish Highlands.

He added: “As we move into November we are watching for a potential cold shot to work its way into Europe.

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“The question becomes if it makes it into the UK from the east.

“Confidence is low at this time in regards to where this cold shot is going to end up.

“Any snow that does occur will most likely occur in the Scottish Highlands.”

The Met Office has also predicted heavy rain and wind rolling in from the Atlantic.

Commenting on the period between October 26 to November 4, they predict: “Through the first few days of this period, Atlantic systems will continue to move in from the west, bringing heavy rain and strong, locally gale-force winds.

“Some rainbands could become slow-moving with locally large rainfall accumulations possible, particularly over western hills.

“Temperatures generally around or a little above average.

“The rest of October will continue to see unsettled and windy weather arriving from the Atlantic, with outbreaks of potentially heavy rain for many.”

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