UK Weather: Brits set for Bank Holiday sun with unseasonable temperatures

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts continued sunshine

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It appears that Brits will not have another Bank Holiday scorcher for this year’s May holiday, but all is not lost as many will stay dry and will experience spring sunshine. The Met Office has predicted: “Temperatures are likely to be above normal for the rest of the country.”

Its forecast added that “much of the south is likely to see continuing dry and sunny spells” while “parts of the north are more likely to experience cloudier conditions”.

Those in the north were also warned of the possibility of light scattered showers in the first few days of May.

The Met Office revealed that over the weekend, “winds are expected to remain light and temperatures staying above average for most”.

Despite the 16C temperature prediction for the south of England, the Met Office have not ruled out the chance of “late season frost” across the UK as nights remain chilly.

On Friday night, Wxcharts predicts that temperatures in the eastern areas of the country will be as low as 2C.

The night will remain chilly elsewhere with temperatures ranging between 4C and 6C with the warmer temperatures in the west of the UK.

As we move into Saturday, the weather will be relatively mild with temperatures reaching highs of 14C in the southeast.

As the first day of the Bank Holiday weekend draws to a close, the evening will be slightly warmer with some areas remaining in double digits up to 12C.

Sunday is expected to be chilly as temperatures for some areas of the UK struggle to leave single figures with many areas in the southeast at 9C though some areas will see 10C or 11C.

However, areas in the north such as Newcastle and parts of Scotland are predicted to have higher temperatures between 14C and 15C.

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The weather for all is dry and pleasant by Monday with most areas in the mid-teens from 14C to 16C.

Those who suffer from hay fever in England will need to take precautions as the pollen count is expected to be high on the weekend, especially on Monday.

The levels in Scotland will be low at the beginning of the weekend and for many areas this will rise to medium levels.

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