UK weather forecast: Atlantic storms to blast country with 4inches of heavy rain THIS WEEK

BBC Weather forecasts mild conditions across the UK

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Revellers looking to celebrate the arrival of the New Year could be disappointed as forecasters have predicted a series of storms will bring unsettled weather and outbreaks of rain over the New Year weekend.

Tony Zartman, meteorologist at Accuweather, told “Through the remainder of the week into the New Year’s holiday weekend, a series of storms will bring unsettled weather at times with scattered showers and some outbreaks of rain.

“However, it will remain mild, especially across the south.”

According to latest WX Charts, the rain is expected to begin battering the UK by midday on December 29.

The rain will come from the Atlantic and will hit the Midlands, Wales and the west of Scotland.

By 9pm on December 30, the rain is expected to continue to blast the country with up to two inches of rainfall.

The Scottish Highlands, north Wales and Cumbria are likely to bear the brunt of the rain as the wet weather arrives from the Atlantic.

Up to four inches of rain is expected to continue to fall up to 3pm by December 31, with most of the rain in Scotland.

Northern Ireland, Cumbria, Scotland and the north west of England will continue to see rain fall by 9pm on January 1.

London and the south east of England is expected to remain dry throughout the period of unsettled weather.

The Met Office’s long-range forecast states: “On Saturday, New Year’s Day, rain is likely to move east and northeast across the UK, followed by showers.

“The wettest weather further north and west, with the southeast remaining drier. Strong winds are expected in the west, and it will continue to be very mild.

“Thereafter, the unsettled weather will continue to dominate, with Atlantic weather systems moving in from the west, interspersed with showery and brighter spells.

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“The wettest areas are expected to be western hills, with the southeast remaining driest.

“It will also continue to be windy, with gales possible along western coasts.”

Bookmakers have suggested this New Year’s Eve could see record-breaking rain fall.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “This New Year’s Eve could enter the history books for all the wrong reasons as far as party-goers are concerned, with record-breaking rain set to dampen plans across the UK.”

Although the wet weather is expected to blast the country this week, temperatures will remain mild throughout the end of December.

Weather in London and the south east of England will see temperatures of around 10C to 11C by 9pm on December 31.

The north of England will see chillier temperatures of around 6C.

While Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands will see temperatures up to 5C.

The warmer temperatures will remain into January 1 with weather soaring to 12C in London and the Midlands.

Scotland will see colder temperatures but will rise to 9C by 3pm on January 1.

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