UK weather forecast: Biblical downpours CONTINUE as flood defences remain on the brink

According to the Evening Standard, it has been predicted that flood-battered areas of the UK will be on the receiving end again of more rains. Around 112 flood warnings were in place, including six severe alerts. The severe alerts mean there could be a danger to life, especially by the Welsh boarder through Thursday.

The Met Office’s Mark Wilson said: “There’s no real sign of things settling down weather-wise.

“A lot of places are very sensitive after recent rainfall and, unfortunately, there is more rain to come.”

He added: “We do have more warnings in force after Thursday’s rain but they’re in slightly different areas of the country, south-west Scotland and parts of Yorkshire.”

On its website, the Met Office says the weather will remain unsettled for the next few days – but the weather would become less severe.

Steve Willington, chief forecaster at the Met Office, said: “Storm Dennis has long gone, but the legacy of high water levels and saturated catchments remain.

“Although the forecast for the next few days indicates that conditions won’t be as severe, any additional rainfall could create further challenges as river catchments are more likely to respond to extra rainfall more quickly.

“Flooding, especially in areas already heavily affected, remains a possibility.”

He added: “Some of the rain, especially in the warning areas, could be quite heavy, with showers of hail and thunder possible between.

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“In northern areas of Britain hill snow remains a threat.”

The number of flood warnings has dropped.

If you’ve been affected you can find advice on what you need to do by visiting our website or calling Floodline on 0345 988 1188.

You can also visit our website for the latest flood warnings, updated every 15 minutes.

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