UK weather forecast: Thunderstorms and torrential rain to drench UK this weekend

Temperatures reached the 20s across southern areas of England bringing warm weather at the start of this week. However, rain from the Atlantic is sweeping in to drench the UK into the weekend.

Today will be the beginning of a string of wet days Britons are set to face leading up to a thundery Saturday.

Met Office Meteorologist, Clare Nasir, said: “Through the day we’re likely to see outbreaks of rain just coming and going across northern counties of England, that’s where it’s going to be more focused.

“However, some patchy rain and drizzle across the west country and Wales clearing towards the south as well as the east.

“Northern Ireland having a better afternoon, Southern Scotland as well and we will continue to see more cloud across the north and the north west of Scotland.”

Altostratus clouds are covering the sky, making a gloomy appearance.

Netweather meteorologist, Jo Farrow, said: “This mid-level, featureless cloud makes the sun appear like it is being viewed through ground glass.

“The cloud then thickens and lowers and, in the end, can bring rain, as it did overnight on Tuesday.

“That rain is now across Scotland, Northern Ireland and has crossed the Irish Sea into Gwynedd, Cheshire and Manchester.”

However, in the north its going to feel better today than Wednesday as temperatures will increase.

Aberdeenshire is expected to peak into the 20s.

Ms Nasir said: “As we head through Thursday night it’s still a bit drizzly in places.

“Low misty clouds yet again but it’s trying to dry up and certainly with the slight ridge coming in on Friday we will see some drier conditions.

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“Perhaps one or two showers likely but even so some brighter weather coming through.”

Friday will be a much calmer day with a lighter breeze before more cloud and rain is set to drench the UK on Saturday.

Ms Farrow said: “Friday will be a fine day with warm sunshine and just a few lingering showers for the southeast.

“There will be light winds and temperatures into the 20s.”

As Friday comes to an end, the winds will pick up to bring frontal rain.

The weekend will see a dramatic change in weather as torrential rain, thunder, and hail is expected.

Saturday will bring heavy rain across the UK with risks of thundery showers.

Ms Nasir said: “The weather front which is coming in for the weekend is going to produce some quite torrential rain in places as we head through Saturday.

“The risk of thunder perhaps even hail mixed in there.

“Some showery bursts of rain affecting many areas.”

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